Raiffeisen Group

"What is impossible for the individual, can be achieved by many."
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-1888)

Services and performance

Being part oft he Raiffeisen Group, we are able to offer more than other brokerage companies.

We do not only find your desired objekt or the suitable buyer or tenant for your property but even provide you with financing and investment from a single source upon request – competent, reliable and safely. Take advantage of the Raiffeisen Group expertise and benfit in many ways:

  • Fair financing offers
  • Subsidies consulting
  • Security consulting & insurance offerings for your home
  • Legitimate offerings for your sales proceeds investment
  • Mentoring to the highest quality standards
  • Special conditions for Raiffeisenbank-customers

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See how Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen’s Cooperative idea began to change the world.