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From our eight Carinthian locations, we cover the whole of Carinthia with our state-certified and expert staff. We evaluate and broker real estate of all kinds, such as houses, condominiums, building plots, agricultural and forestry properties, commercial properties and holiday homes.

Properties in Carinthia

Discover Carinthia's diverse real estates. We have the right properties for families in quiet residential areas as well as for singles in central and lively locations.

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We in Carinthia

For over 35 years, our clients have benefited from our real estate know-how, our quick and discreet handling of property sales, our regional and international sales channels as well as our unique network and our professional property valuations. Get to know our team.



Die schönen, aber auch die herausfordernden Momente haben sehr oft mit Immobilien zu tun. Da ist es gut, wenn man sich auf einen Gesprächspartner verlassen kann, der Finanzielles, Wohn- und Immobilienfragen gemeinsam im Blick hat und in jeder Lebensphase unterstützen kann. Mit den Services von Raiffeisen Immobilien decken Sie alles aus einer Hand ab.

Discover Carinthia

Learn more about Carinthia's magnificent lake landscape 

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Our Our current properties

137,00 m²
229.000,00 €
74,75 m²
127.000,00 €
132,00 m²
164.000,00 €
166,60 m²
450.000,00 €
1.256,00 m²
39.000,00 €
98,00 m²
175.000,00 €
75,68 m²
349.000,00 €
569,69 m²
2.700.000,00 €
62,00 m²
230.000,00 €
150,00 m²
548.000,00 €

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