EUR 100,-* for your real estate tip

EUR 100,-* for your real estate tip

Property for sale: EUR 100,-* for your tip

We reward your real estate tip

Do you know of a property for sale in your neighbourhood? You know of an acquaintance, friend, work colleague or relative who is looking for a buyer for their property?

EUR 100,- for your real estate tip

Turn your knowledge into money now! 
Register with us - and collect EUR 100 tip money for your information.

It's a good deal for everyone involved: 
You, as the tipster, will be happy to receive EUR 100.

We have gained a customer through your referral. And the owner of the property can rest assured that a competent and reputable estate agent will find the right buyer for his property. We look forward to hearing/reading from you!

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Fill in the form below.You are also welcome to contact us at 
  • Step 2: Our estate agents contact the owner you have named
  • Step 3: The owner commissions us exclusively with the sale of the property.
  • Step 4: We provide you with a pre-printed fee note* for EUR 100,-, which you only have to sign and return to us.
  • Step 5: We transfer EUR 100,- to your account

* In order to be able to process the payment of the "tip money" correctly, we require a fee note of EUR 100 from you as the tipster. We will send you a corresponding form by e-mail as soon as the owner of the named property has exclusively commissioned us with the brokerage of the property ("signing of an exclusive brokerage agreement"). Please sign this form and return it to us so that we can arrange for the payment to be made to the account you have given us.

Please note: All taxes, duties and any social security contributions are paid by the tipster himself. A maximum of 2 x EUR 100 can be paid out as "tip money" per person and year.

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