Real estate valuation

Reliable, unbiased, and discrete

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Our experts in the exclusive “Real Estate Valuation” division know the market in and out. With over 500 valuations per year, our team has the needed expertise to accurately estimate the actual value of your property. We guarantee a reliable, unbiased, and discrete valuation of your property.



In addition to classic appraisals according to the Austrian Real Estate Valuation Act (“Liegenschaftsbewertungsgesetz”), we offer services for special cases:

1. Calculating the proportion of basic costs

You own a rental? Then you should check if you are paying too much tax. The 2015/16 tax reform introduced new rules for the deduction of rental property. Before, the tax office assumed a non-deductible proportion of basic costs of 20%, i.e., 80% of the real estate’s value were tax-deductible. Now, especially in big cities like Vienna, only 60-70% of the total value (=value of the building) may be used as basis for deduction. Deviating proportions of basic costs are only accepted by the tax office if they can be verified by an expert report. It is therefore worth having an expert determine the proportion of basic costs, since the new regulation often fails to correspond to the actual economic facts and the deduction would be too low.

2. Calculating the real estate transfer tax

for a gratuitous acquisition to determine the tax base in cases of donation or inheritance of properties.